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Eye drops are ideal to help with dry or irritated eyes. They can be used both preemptively, as well as after an irritation occurs. 

Depending on the type of eye drops, special instructions for their application might have to be followed. More information about these can be found in the information leaflet included in the packaging.

Typically the following should always be remembered: 

  • Before using eye drops, wash your hands to avoid getting bacteria and dirt in your eye
  • Contact lenses should be removed prio to eye drop usage and only re-inserted up to 15 minutes after. (This does not apply to eye drops made to be used while contacts are worn, this will be specified in the product details) 
  • Tilt your head back and carefully pull your lower lid down a little. Look up. 
  • Hold the bottle of eye drops close to your eye, but don't touch the eye ball.
  • Apply the drops to the lower corners of your eye, while still not touching the eye ball. 
  • After, let go of your lower eye lid and close your eye slowly. (but not forcefully) 
  • Hold your eyes closed for one to three minutes. The exact duration depends on the type of drops used, typically this only applies to medicinal eyedrops. 

Izmena redosleda proizvoda:

Allergan Optive (10 ml)
2 112 RSD  1 522 RSD
Blink Contacts (10 ml)
1 050 RSD  767 RSD
Comfort Drops (20 ml)
1 168 RSD  814 RSD
Hyabak 0.15% (10 ml)
1 770 RSD  1 357 RSD
Hyabak 0.15% (5 ml)
1 416 RSD  1 080 RSD
Ocuyal (20x0.33 ml)
1 711 RSD  974 RSD
Optive Fusion (10 ml)
1 770 RSD  1 640 RSD
Systane Balance (10 ml)
1 758 RSD  1 286 RSD